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Transport in Dresden, Germany

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Public transport in the German city of Dresden is provided by Dresdener Verkehrsbetriebe, the DVB. The backbone of the system are the twelve tram routes which connect the city centre with the suburbs. Supplementing this are suburban bus routes, many feeding the tram network plus a couple that penetrate the city centre. The DVB also operate the Schwebebahn (suspended railway) and Standseilbahn funiculars, plus ferries on the River Elbe which flows through the city. The track gauge of the tramway is 1450mm, slightly wider than standard gauge. (1435mm)

Part 1: Dresden Tram 150

September 2022 was the 150th anniversary of the first horse tramway in the city, the DVB tramway museum put on a display of historic trams in the city centre.

Part 2: Trams and buses in the city centre.

The DVB has an operational fleet of 166 trams of five main types, all of which are low floor articulated, mostly single ended configuration:

Nos..2501-2547, NGT6 DD, 5 section, built by Deutsche Waggonbau between 1996-1998.

Nos. 2581-2593, NGT6 DD, as 2501 etc. above, but double ended. The easiest way to spot these are that there are doors on both sides, there are driving cabs at both ends, but that can be difficult to see.

Nos..2601-2640, NGT6 DD, 3 section, Bombardier Flexity, built 2006-2009.

Nos. 2701-2723 NGT8 DD, 7 section, longer version of the 2500 series, built by Siemens and Bombardier, 2001/2002.

Nos.. 2801-2843, NGTD12 DD, 5 section, Bombardier Flexity, built 2003-2010.

The newest type of tram to enter service is the 2900 series, no. 2903 can be seen a couple of times in this video. Built by Alstom, there will be twenty-one single ended and nine double ended trams of this type.

There are about 170 buses in the DVB fleet of various types, the newest buses are eighteen Mercedes-Benz battery electric artics delivered in 2021/2. There are also thirty MAN Lion Hybrid artics, plus twenty-eight extra long (21m) Mercedes-Benz artics dating from 2016 and 2022.

Part 3: Trams and buses in the suburbs of Dresden.
All the tram routes are cross city services, some of the outer termini are several miles from the city centre and feature extensive running on reserved track.

Part 4: The Schwebebahn.

This suspended funicular connects Loschwitz, the Dresden suburb on the north side of the River Elbe, with Oberloschwitz, 84m above. The line was designed by the engineer Eugen Langen who was also the designer of the schwebebahn in Wuppertal. The line opened in 1901 and reconstructed between 1984 and 1992.

The Standseilbahn.

This line is a conventional funicular which connects Loschwitz with Weisser Hirsch, 94m above. The metre gauge railway opened in 1895 and has been refurbished several times, most recently in 2014.

Subtitles, no commentary, enjoy the sights and sounds of transport in Dresden.

Produced by - Bob Hodges Transport DVD's
Running time - 75 Minutes
Format - 16:9 Widescreen PAL (UK)
DVD only
Released - March 2023

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