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Videoscene Catalogue Autumn 2019

We continue to live in difficult times and I hope this new catalogue can provide a bit of cheer as we move towards the spring and summer. Over the next 32 pages, you'll find details of more than 30 new titles as well as some new lower prices and special offers. 
Nothing on TV? Bored? Lockdown? Get yourself a DVD with almost 500 titles at £11.95 or less!
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For diesel and electric fans, Scottish Diesels 2020 review is a new release, followed by Traction 2020 Part 2 and a look at first generation DMUs.

New cab rides include Calvert to Willesden from 2013 behind 56091, a new Gradients and Thrash compilation, Scarborough to Leeds on a Class 68 and Preston to Lockerbie on a Class 350.

For steam fans, Steaming around Britain 2020 is a must - four discs and 322 minutes for just £22.59!

Archive steam and diesels are featured on The East Coast Main Line: Volume 3; Railways of Wales: Volume Three - North Wales and The West Coast Main Line Volume 3 plus Ireland's Railways - Two Decades of Change 1951-1971.

Further afield The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Driver's Eye View is a fascinating watch and in France, the SNCF BB7200 locos are featured on a new title.

We now have 25 four-disc sets to choose from - spanning archive steam and diesels plus modern image - with up to five hours of running time - all for just £25.00 a set.

New Releases on DVD

You may notice the word 'HOT' next to a few titles in this catalogue. This basically means these are very popular and best-selling titles and we have plenty of them in stock. If you order before 10am on a weekday, we can normally ship your order by first class post the same day.

Don't forget we still charge £ZERO postage on all DVD/Blu-ray orders to UK addresses. Please don't be paying £2.00 or £2.50 per DVD from other sellers. If the item you want is £14.95, that's exactly what it will cost you - £zero postage - £zero credit card fees - GUARANTEED!

Thank you for your continued support.

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