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German Diesels 1997

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German Diesels 1997 is double box set of mainly East German action on what not long before was DR. As such former East German traction features strongly. The vast variety of traction includes 202,204,212,213,215,216,218,219,228,229 and 232 as well as a former DR Inter City DMU. Electric locos are not forgotten with 103, 110,111 and 142 seen at work, amongst various other electric types.

As with the Class 31 title, there is a sequence recorded behind many of these types in an effort to capture the distinctive sound of their various engines. You’ll love the bursts of smog emitted by 204848 on its way down the now long closed Grossbreitenbach branch. The last of the 228s are seen at work around Erfurt. There’s a long run behind a 213 which is seen stopping to top up its steam heat boiler. Steam heat firmly dominates on the branch lines! Many of the routes covered in the East have now closed. A lucky few have been privatised and now see nothing more than some form of new plastic unit. Most bizarre sequence most be of a 228 powering in the middle of a formation which is led by a 213. This was a peak hour turn that vanished shortly after, along with the 228s and not long after that, the route altogether. This truly is now a historical record of a railway that in recent years has changed beyond all recognition.

You have to see this DVD to believe how much variety there was on offer only some 10 years ago. If you’ve been to Germany or are just looking for something different in your rail DVD collection, this should hit the spot nicely!

German Diesels (Part 1) 51 mins

1: 14/3/97-15/3/97 Brussels – Lubeck
2: 16/3/97 Koln - Trier - Bremen – Syke
3: 17/3/97 Hannover - Wolfsburg - Magdeburg – Halle
4: 18/3/97 Erfurt - Schleusingen – Illmenau

German Diesels (Part 2) 51 mins

1: 18/3/97 204848 Ilmenau - Grossbreitenbach & return
2: 18/3/97 Suhl - Schleusingen – Meiningen
3: 19/3/97 Gera - Leipzig - Geithan - Chemnitz – Wiemar
4: 20/3/97 Bad Langensalza - Erfurt - Zella-Mehlis - Meiningen – Erfurt
5: 21/3/97-24/3/97 Nordhausen – Brussels

Produced by - Anbrico Felixjaz
Running time - 102 Minutes (2 discs)
DVD only

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