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British Railways - Beeching and Beyond: 1962 to 1984

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This is the original release, available again exclusively from Videoscene.

The definitive archive film led history of the modernisation and rationalisation of Britain's nationalised rail network.

With Colin Divall - Professor of Railway Studies and Head of the Institute Of Railway Studies And Transport History at York University and the National Railway Museum.

The watershed year for Britain's railways came in 1963 with the appointment of Dr. Richard Beeching to the British Railways Board and the publication of his controversial 'Beeching Plan'; its impact and his legacy on the railways is investigated in detail here.

Beeching famously brought about widespread railway line closures and the end of steam locomotion but was also responsible for pioneering and revenue-generating initiatives like the formation of the Inter-City network, West Coast Mainline Electrification, 'Merry-Go-Round' coal trains and the 'Freightliner' system.

The story of this controversial period is told in definitive detail with archive film, newsreels and testimony and interviews with both railwaymen and historians.

Locomotives featured include Gresley 'A4' Pacifics, 4472 Flying Scotsman, Deltics, Class 47 and 50 Diesel - Electrics, E3001 - Electric Loco, the HS4000 Kestrel experimental loco, Class 87 electrics, APT, HST and the Railbus.


  • The Deltic diesel-electric locomotive
  • Dr. Beeching and his 'Beeching Plan'
  • The last years of steam, including the end of steam on the Western Region, the Southern Region and on the Somerset & Dorset Line
  • Railways In Scotland - the Forth Bridge, Edinburgh Waverley and the A4s
  • Freight - Motorail, Freightliner, Parcels and Mail By Rail
  • West Coast Main Line Electrification
  • BR Shipping Services - Sealink Car Ferries and Seaspeed Hovercraft
  • APT - The Advanced Passenger Train and HST - The High Speed Train


  • Alan Pegler OBE - railway preservation pioneer and saviour of the Flying Scotsman
  • Jim Rees of the National Railway Museum
  • Steam-era engine drivers John Fletcher, Fred Andrews and Ted Abear
  • Chris Green, Managing Director of B.R. Inter-City

Produced by - Strike Force Entertainment
Running time - 169 Minutes
DVD only

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