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The Noughties Review: 2000 - 2009

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The Noughties Review looks back at the first decade of the 21st Century from 2000 to 2009, a period when privatisation really got into its stride and the Government's open access policy finally paid off.

Our whistle-stop tour through the Noughties will show you how the railways have changed since the millennium, and also how it has stayed the same.

The programme is split into sections as follows:

Passenger Part 1
Covers the first five years of the decade, when third rail slam-door stock was still in abundance and you could enjoy a completely loco-operated West Coast Main Line. We guide you through the maze of early TOCs and the rolling stock changes.

Network Rail
Features a variety of trains operated by and on behalf of the national infrastructure provider.

The disappearance of mail traffic by rail in 2003/4 and its tentative recovery since then.

Freight Part 1
The first half of the decade, focusing on EWS, Freightliner and DRS, plus the new kid on the block - GB Railfreight. But there is also the steady decline of classic locomotive traction.

Spot Hire Companies
More newcomers, such as Fragonset / FM Rail, Cotswold Rail and West Coast Railways.

One-off Liveries
Class 47s and AC electrics predominate in this section as Virgin wielded the paintbrush with abandon in the early years of the decade. But there are also a few from EWS.

High Speed Travel
Focusing on Eurostar, the high-speed rail link and the new Javelin units.

Passenger Part 2
In the second half of the decade, we find a predominantly unit-based railway, but there are a few loco-hauled surprises too.

Rail Head Treatment Trains
A round-up of the many locomotive types employed on the annual RHTT circuits.

Charters and Heritage Diesels
Changes in the charter market and the return of several old favourites.

Freight Part 2
The new operators who emerged in the second half of the decade, existing companies fighting for business, and a new class of freight loco.

The indispensable guide (and memory jogger) to the first decade of the 21st Century.

Produced by - Visions International
Running time - 95 Minutes
Format - 4:3
DVD only
Released - 2010

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