Train Crazy Blackpool Tramway

Blackpool Tram Video 40 - Summer 2005

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Continuing on from Video 39, the story of trams running via the Foxhall line is concluded. There is footage from the final day of phase one with Centenary and Jubilee cars on the Fleetwood service and 700, 711 & 723 on training. After Easter and into phase two, it was back to the Foxhall line again with Railcoaches and Brush cars on specials as well as driver training duties. Twin cars and Double Deckers were used on service at weekends - see stunning night time footage of 682+672 on their way to depot at 1.30am! There is footage from the very last day with 719, 147 & 706 all using this rare piece of track for the final time.


Highlights from Easter 2005 starting on Thursday 24th March with a comedy of errors as trams leave depot via Manchester Square for the first time in three months and have to perform a bizarre zig-zag shunt! Things didn't go to plan! Features 671+681, 672+682, 674+684, 700, 718, 724 & 761. Footage from Good Friday with 66 & 40 on their way into service. On Good Friday evening car 700 was involved in a incident at Rossall which saw the trolley arm ripped off the roof! With 754 in attendance, see 700 at the scene of the crime and the overhead wires being repaired before 700 was towed to depot by 754 firstly on diesel power and then electric!

On Tuesday 12th April a huge shunt took place in depot to rearrange the 'mothballed' and withdrawn trams from the serviceable ones. See Illuminated cars 732, 733+734 & 735 plus Boat cars 600, 602, 604, 605 & 606 and 625, 632, 634 & 679.

Stereo Sound - Digital Editing - Narration - Music

65 Minutes - DVD only

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