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100 Years War: Agincourt 1415

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On the 25th October 1415 Henry Vs small and dispirited Anglo/Welsh Army destroyed a vast French Army at Azincourt. This programme looks at not just this iconic battle immortalised by Shakespeare and many other authors but the campaign that led up to this final great English victory of the 100 Years War when the Yeoman of England reigned supreme on the field of battle.

Unlike the Crecy campaign of his great grandfather Edward III this campaign nearly ended in disaster. England had been weakened by civil war and plague. Henry's English Army did not have the experience and leadership of that of his great grandfather however it despite its weaknesses it still was to prove superior to the over proud French Army riven with jealousy and pride. Although the initial landings and encirclement of Harfleur went well the siege dragged on and the “Bloody Flux” the scourge of many a medieval army struck the English. Although they successfully captured Harfleur the army that was left was a shadow of its former self. Henry's attempts to march to Calais were beset with problems as the French Army stalked him aiming to bring him to battle and destroy him and his socially inferior army.

Once again the English victory on the field of Agincourt was a demonstration of the French genetic ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. As at Crecy the courage, discipline and steadfastness of the mainly yeoman Anglo/Welsh aided by the use of the longbow turned the massive and magnificent French Army, into a bloody ruin.

This victory would allow him to achieve his political aim, however it was only Henry's early death in 1422 which stopped the English in uniting England and France under an English King.

In this programme, the BHTV team use their experience as soldiers and guides to bring this iconic campaign to life. The team examines the political, military and economic background to the campaign and brings the subject to life by visits to all the major locations, skilful use of maps and complimented by re-enactment footage and vignettes of life and combat in 1415.

Produced by - Pen & Sword Digital
Duration - 80 minutes
DVD only

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