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The A4 Pacifics After Gresley (Book)

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The Late LNER and British Railways Periods 1942-1966

In their book ‘Gresley’s Silver Link’ the authors analysed the evolution of the A4s Gresley’s and their service up to Gresley’s death in 1941. This book takes this compelling story from the early years of the war up to their demise in the 1960s.

After four years of service pulling the LNER’s most prestigious trains the A4s took on a more utilitarian role and for six years worked hard to support Britain’s war effort. From this they emerged bowed, but unbeaten, although in an extremely jaded condition. Once restored they took up where they had left off in 1939 and did exceptional service for the rest of their days.

With the help of previously unpublished material the authors analyse the second phase of the A4s careers, first as LNER engines, then, from 1948, under British Railways management. Without a diesel or electric fleet of engines to replace them they entered a second golden age of fast running in the ‘50s. Then in the ‘Swinging Sixties’ they faced, as some thought, a premature end as part of a much delayed modernisation programme. Until withdrawn from service they continued to astound their footplate crew and performed exceptionally well, even when maintenance standards had slipped and their condition had deteriorated. They were thoroughbreds and have become a fitting memorial to the master engineers who produced and sustained them for 30 years or more.

About the author:
Tim Hillier-Graves was born in North London in 1951, on leaving University he served with the Royal Navy seeing wide service on land and sea. For much of this time he specialised in weapon development projects, specifically missiles and heavyweight torpedoes, working alongside BAe Systems, Marconi Space and defence systems and McDonnell Douglas in the process. In support of this work he undertook prolonged periods study at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich and the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivingham. Later in his career he changed specialisms and focussed on human resource management and also outsourcing to industry. After which he became an assistant director with responsibility of housing for military personnel, from which he retired 2011, to concentrate more fully on writing.

Author - Tim Hillier-Graves & Ronald Hillier  
Publisher - Pen & Sword Transport
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781399073431

Published: July 2023

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