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German U-Boats at Sea - Atlantic Missions

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After the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939, a rapid rush for rearmament ensued, with all sides concentrating on providing the latest equipment and machinery for their troops in an effort to gain an early upper hand on the enemy. With factories working day and night to meet the enormous demand, both sides built machines of war that pushed the boundaries in technological advancement. The Germans, for example began work on the fearsome Tiger Tank, whilst the British started mass production of the Spitfire. However, the epic fight for supremacy on the waves was a distinguishing factor of the Second World War.

Both sides bore a heavy reliance on merchant shipping, with the British receiving millions of tons of supplies and weaponry from America to aid their war effort. Moreover, with thousands of troops making the trip across the seas to reach enemy destinations, it was quickly realised that the side who controlled the seas would have the upper hand.

In order to cause as much disruption to Allied merchant and naval ships as possible, the German Reich relied almost entirely on the use of their formidable U-Boats. These terrifying weapons of war had the luxury of being completely submerged in undetected conditions whilst patrolling the busy shipping lanes in the Atlantic, waiting for the unsuspecting enemy targets.

Admiral Doenitz, the creator of the German U-Boat fleets, developed the so-called pack tactics whereby several boats attacked a convoy together. This fascinating DVD focuses on The Battle of the Atlantic in the spring of 1943 when the fight for supremacy reached its climax. U-boats, convoys and convoy escort vessels confronted each other in epic proportions in a bitter fight day and night which resulted in heavy losses for both sides. This informative documentary shows previously unpublished, rare and private footage of former German U-boat captains, as well as original footage of U-Boats in action.

Produced by - Pen & Sword Digital
Duration - 58 mins (1 disc)
Format -14:9/16:9 PAL
DVD only

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