The New Blackpool Tram Shop - Backup 31st Dec 2020

The New Blackpool Tram Shop

The NEW Blackpool Tram Shop is now open!

The new shop is located on the outskirts of Blackpool at Whitehills Business Park, behind the huge B&Q, two minutes from J4 at the end of the M55.

There was an ongoing joke that if four people were in the old shop it was full and this may well have been true! The new unit eliminates all of this and has many benefits which include:

  • FREE customer parking, which we were asked for so many times
  • A huge first floor showroom, 10 times the size of the old shop
  • For the first time we will be able to display ALL of our DVDs and ALL of our books plus many other items - not just a selection
  • The shop is a new-build on a developing complex and on all those winter days of gale force winds and high tides - when we couldn’t open at North Pier - this is very much inland, less windy and drier!
  • We will be now be able to expand further, introduce more books, new tram memorabilia and some other very exciting new products yet to be announced

Coronavirus update 31st December 2020

 In line with government regulations, all customers visiting The Blackpool Tram Shop will need to wear a face cover or mask. 

We are open 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday. Our mail order business is running as normal. The office is manned from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Thank you for your support.

Shop opening hours during Coronavirus pandemic are:
 Following new guidelines from the Government, we're pleased to announce that the Blackpool Tram Shop will have a limited reopening from Thursday 3rd December. 

The shop will be open from 11am to 3pm Mondays to Saturdays and we ask if you could do the following:

  1. When you arrive, the main door will be locked. Please ring the bell. You will be attended to as soon as possible.
  2. Once inside the building please use the hand sanitiser before going upstairs.
  3. Strictly ONE PERSON in the showroom at once.
  4. At all times and when paying at the counter, please obey the 2 metre rule. (Cash and cards accepted)

Sorry if all this is a bit long-winded but there are strict guidelines from the Government on reopening, regarding protecting staff and customers. We have a legal obligation to do all this. Thank you for your understanding.

Our website and mail order section is running as normal.