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Polish Trams 4: Poznań & Bydgoszcz

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Welcome to our fourth programme in this Polish Trams series that now brings the independent transport videos cameras to the cities of Poznań and Bydgoszcz. We begin in Poznań, which is situated some 310 km west from the capital, Warsaw. Electric tram operations began here in 1898 and the system has built up to some 68 km of standard gauge track with 18 routes. The trams are operated by MPK Poznań and carry a smart bright green and yellow livery. At the time of filming the fleet was made up of a good variety of vehicles. These include Konstal 105Na, Duewag GT8 (Ex. Düsseldorf, Germany), Duewag GT8ZR (Ex. Frankfurt/Main, Germany), ČKD/Modertrans Tatra RT6 (some are Ex. Prague), Siemens Combino, Modertrans Moderus Alfa (re-built Konstal 105Na), Beta and Gamma and Solaris Tramino vehicles. Some of the former German cars are still in their former liveries, e.g. Düsseldorf cream with red stripe and Frankfurt's original cream/orange and brown scheme and the later all over turquoise livery! Our filming takes place at many locations across the city and in various suburbs showing the system off to its very best. Some of the locations include Podgórna, Alege Marcinkowskiego, plac Wolności, 27 Grudnia, Fredry, Dabrowskiego and Roosevelta. We take five rides on different types of tram. These include 441, a Modertrans Moderus Beta on Line 11 to Roosevelta, two rides on a Duewag GT8, the first, 699 on Line 5 to Słarołeka, the second, 668 on Line 18 to Ogrody. A ride on 312+313 Konstal 105Na on Line 12 to Rondo Rataje and 402 a ČKD/Modertrans/Tatra RT6 on Line 18 to Królowej Jadwigi. Out of town locations include Dębiec, Słrzelecka, Słarołeka, Rondo Rataje, Ogrody and Królowej Jadwigi.  As you will see Poznań is a very smart, interesting city for the tram aficionado and visitor alike.

Our second city on this DVD programme is that of Bydgoszcz, situated on the Brda River some 300 km northwest from Warsaw and was part of Germany until 1920 and previously known as Bromberg. Electric trams began operating here in 1896 and today run on some 40 km of metre gauge track with 10 routes. The trams are operated by MZK w Bydgoszczy and are in a white, red and blue livery. At the time of filming in June 2018, the fleet consisted of the Konstal 805Na, PESA Tramicus and Swing, the latter in two different lengths (30.1 m and 19.4 m). Bydgoszcz is a lovely city with a well-preserved old town featuring many beautiful buildings. Our filming locations are many and include Gdańska, Marszałka Focha, Jagiellońska, Most Władysława Jagiełły, Dworcowa and at the central railway station – Główna. We take three rides for you to enjoy. The first on tram 113 a PESA Swing on the newly extended Line 5 to Łoskoń. We return on Konstal 805Na 229+252 on Line 3 to Jagiellońska PKS. We then film at Las Gdański and return to the city on Konstal 805Na 231+232, on the Line 2 service. We hope that you enjoy your visit to these two enjoyable Polish cities and take in the trams and architecture from your armchair.

Produced by - Independent Transport Videos
Running time - 78 minutes (approx)
Format - 16:9 Widescreen
DVD only
Release date - February 2019

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