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Narrow Gauge World - Narrow Gauge Steam on Five Continents (2 discs)

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Narrow Gauge World tells the story of how narrow gauge railways came to be built and spread across the world to most countries.

In this film we look at twelve different countries on five different continent comparing steam locomotives such as Double Fairlies, Mallets, and Beyer Garratts. Then geared locomotives such as Shays and Heislers and there is the rack railway at Ambarawa in Java. Many narrow gauge lines were built as country railways, some were for industrial purposes. In South Africa, Australia, India and Java narrow gauge became standard for the mainlines too.

Steam hard at work in India, Java, China, South Africa, Australia, the U.S.A., Cuba, Russia, Poland, Germany, Wales and Ukraine.

Over three hours of none stop action!

Produced by - Belhurst Productions
Running time - 180 Minutes
PAL DVD Digitally mastered Hi-fi, narration and music.
DVD only

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