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Britain at War In Colour - Rosie Newman's Britain at War

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This previously unreleased and digitally restored 1946 colour documentary is one of the crown jewels of the Imperial War Museum's Film Archive. Shot during the Second World War and edited by the enigmatic socialite Rosie Newman with her then unprecedented civilian access to the training exercises of the armed forces and her unrivalled footage of aspects of life on Britain's home front, 'Britain At War' offers a unique and personal insight into the conflict in stunning colour.

Highlights include:

  • The Blitz and its aftermath in London's West End - Life carrying on amidst the debris.
  • A.R.P. rescue parties.
  • The formation and training of the Home Guard.
  • Evacuees and auxiliary hospitals in the British countryside.
  • Valentine Tank manoeuvres at Bordon Camp Aircraft Manufacture and A.T.A. Ferry Pilots.
  • A Visit to an operational RAF Spitfire Fighter Squadron.
  • Scenes onboard Royal Navy Hunt Class Escort Destroyer, HMS Berkeley including an 'Action Stations' training sequence protecting a convoy with guns firing and laying a defensive smoke screen.
  • A section dedicated to D-Day detailing the extensive transport and logistics operation involved in the mass movement of men and munitions to the Continent (including on LSTs - 'Landing Ship Tanks') and the return of German prisoners of war from the front to British prisons.

This DVD release offers a choice of two audio soundtracks. The first is a musical-soundtrack using the same pieces of music that Rosie Newman herself played on a pair of gramophones during her own showings of the films. The second is a commentary by Jane Fish, Senior Curator at the Imperial War Museum Film And Video Archive. Jane Fish is also interviewed in a DVD Bonus Feature where she explains who Rosie Newman was and why she made 'Britain At War'.

This edition includes a reproduction of Rosie Newman's 1948 self-published book 'Britain At War' which provides an overview of the wartime subject matter she filmed.

    Produced by - Strike Force Entertainment
    Running time - 121 Minutes approx
    DVD only

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