The Compendium of Peaks

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The Compendium of Peaks


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If you like Peaks, you will love this DVD. In a completely new approach, we have sourced shots from five decades to show them working all manner of trains across Great Britain.

Programme sections include:

The 1980s - 45/1s on the Midland main line, inter-Regional and trans-Pennine, rounding off with the North Wales coast. (Approx 13 mins).

The 46s - All three preserved 46s and 46010’s first start-up in years. (Approx 4 mins).

ECML in the 1970s - A wealth of 46s working between King’s Cross and Berwick are joined by Class 45s working cross-country north of Doncaster. (Approx 13 mins).

The 45/0s - The two working locos demonstrate the art of thrash! (Approx 4 mins).

Freight - All three variants, including 44s, appear on all manner of workings between 1970 and 1987. (Approx 8 mins).

The 45/1s - More action from the ETH locos, including D123 and its 75mph wagon tests. (Approx 6 mins).

Inter-Regionals - The featured period is 1972-1975, mainly in the West Country but with extra shots at Derby, Sheffield, Gloucester and Edinburgh. (Approx 6 mins).

The 44s - The two preserved locos in various guises. (Approx 3 mins).

The Midland in 1975 - Filmed mainly around Leicester in August of that year, this fascinating section features all three Peak classes. (Approx 4 mins).

Ixion & 45112 - The return of D172 to the main line was a pivotal moment in diesel preservation. This section shows the loco’s test runs and later railtours before 45112 brings the ‘return to the main line’ story up-to-date. (Approx 15 mins).

All in all, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in The Compendium of Peaks

DVD features: Motion menus and scene selection.

Written & Narrated by David Maxey.

Produced by - Visions International
Running time - 79 Minutes
Format - 4:3
DVD only
Released - 2012

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