Freight 1 - The British Rail Years

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Freight 1. The British Rail Years


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This is the first of a two-volume set tracing the development of rail-borne freight from the British Rail era of the early 1970s to the present day. Part One covers the nationalised operation up to the creation of the Trainload companies; Part 2 will focus on the multi-coloured privatised era from 1995.

Freight operation changed drastically under BR as numerous locomotive classes were withdrawn prematurely, creating a totally different pattern of motive power use. So, the first DVD shows both unfitted and fitted freight, the increase in air-braked block trains, the change from blue to grey to triple grey, and the splash of colour provided by the Trainload companies.

Some of the numerous highlights: Class 40s on long vacuum-fitted freights; mixed goods trains, including 50036 at Wigan, Class 24 no. 5024, a Warship at Teignmouth, and 37111 on the ECML; Tinsley yard; 20s, a 26, a Hymek, 37s, 76s and 56s on coal in the 1970s; Westerns on china clay; a green 25 on oil at Derby and a green 47 on cement at Peterborough; 31s on cartics; departmental trains, including 33s, a 73 and a Class 85; the Railfreight divisions and the introduction of Class 58; the creation of Large Logo grey; 31s on steel; a 27 on chemicals; a Peak on stone; the creation of sub-sectors, leading to the three ‘stand-alone’ companies - LoadHaul, Mainline and Transrail . . . and, on the loco front, some 30 different diesel and electric classes.

DVD features: Motion menus and scene selection.

Written & Narrated by David Maxey.

Produced by - Visions International
Running time - 80 Minutes
Format - 4:3
DVD only
Released - 2012

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