East Coast - West Coast DIVERSIONS

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East Coast/West Coast DIVERSIONS


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Originally released on VHS tape in the year 2000, this programmes is now re-released on DVD. With footage recorded around the turn of the century, now 16 years later, it offers a detailed look-back at diesel and electric locos from that period.

Around 1999-2000 the East Coast and West Coast Main lines had become somewhat predictable - dedicated pools of locos, smart liveries and streamlined stock. However, at this time, due to engineering work, these trains left the overhead wires and ventured along routes which rarely saw loco-hauled trains. With an RES Class 47 on the front, these 'drags' became a focal point of interest at this time.

This reissued DVD goes back to that period in 1999 and 2000:

The DVD includes
• From March 1999, West Coast diversions over the S & C including Deltic D9000 in action
• From April 1999, East Coast diversions via Yarm & Eaglescliffe
• From June 1999, a brief look at the Nuneaton Drags, filmed at Water Orton
• From October-December 1999, Liverpool/Preston - Euston trains diverted via Manchester
• From January-February 2000, more West Coast diversions over the S & C
• Locos/trains featured include GNER, Virgin WC & Virgin XC, HSTs and Mk3/Mk4 loco-hauled stock with dozens of 47/7s, and the seven members of the 47/4 WHCN hit-listed pool
• Each section is introduced with journey details, dates and routes, followed by action shots
• Musical sections, stereo sound, digital editing, part narration and on-screen captions.

Produced by - Train Crazy
Running time - 80 minutes
Format - 4:3
DVD only
Released - May 2016

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