21st Century Stanier

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21st Century Stanier


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21st Century Stanier follows the fortunes of the designer’s LMS locomotives in the twelve years since the millennium.

Forty-three locos from eight different classes have been saved for preservation, and thirty of those have raised steam again since the end of their British Railways careers. Twenty-four have worked in the new century, six more before 2000, and you will see them all in action in the course of this DVD. Naturally, we’ve included the two ‘Royal Scots’ extensively rebuilt in the Stanier era.

We also include details of the locos yet to be brought back to life, and extra footage of the two Pacifics, 46201 & 46233, which have worked almost continuously since 2000. There’s a special feature on 45407’s extensive travels, and detailed graphics showing the location and status of all the surviving Staniers as at May 2012. Have we missed anything? Oh yes, a full list of the working locos appearing in the programme.

Here they are:
42968, 44767, 4480, 4487, 44932, 45000, 45025, 45110, 45212, 45231, 45305, 45337, 45379, 45407, 45428, 45593, 45596, 45690, 46100, 46115, 46201, 46203, 46229, 46233, 48151, 48305, 48431, 48624. 48773 and 45160 (TCDD 8F)

DVD features: Motion Menus, Commentary off option, Scene selection.

Written & Narrated by David Maxey.

Produced by - Visions International
Running time - 81 Minutes 
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