Winter 2017-18 Steam and Diesel DVD Catalogue Available Now

Winter Catalogue 2017

Our brand new Winter 2017-18 Catalogue is available now as a free PDF download  (click here approx. 20Mb download) or if you would prefer a free printed copy, just contact us with your address and we'll put one in the post.

Without a doubt, the DVD is THE universal present for any family member and with more than 2,000 titles to choose from, we've got your Christmas shopping wrapped up nicely!

It's that time of year again when releases come thick and fast with many companies saving their best new titles for the Christmas period. This year is no different and contained in the catalogue's 32 pages we have a feast of railway and transport DVDs and Blu-rays for your viewing pleasure.

New Releases

No.18 in the highly-acclaimed and best-selling Big Freight series promises to be another epic with a wide variety of freight trains filmed countrywide during the year. Diesel Hauled Passenger Trains - The Story of 2017 is out late-November. Both these titles will be launched at the Warley show.

New cab rides include a Class 56 from Holyhead to Shrewsbury and 86101 from Crewe to Euston. Steam Driver's Eye views include 'Royal Scot' Goes West (Exeter - Plymouth - Par) and Bournemouth Belle 50th Anniversary Special.

The best-selling Marsden Rail 38 has received some great reviews in the railway press. Make sure you get your copy for Christmas.

You may notice the word 'HOT' next to a few titles in the catalogue. This basically means these are very popular and best selling titles and we have plenty of them in stock. If you order before 12noon on a weekday, we guarantee to ship your order by first class post the same day. Don't forget we still charge £ZERO postage on all DVD/Blu-ray orders to UK addresses. Please don't be paying £2.00 or £2.50 per DVD from other sellers. If the item you want is £14.95, that's exactly what it will cost you - £zero postage - £zero credit card fees - GUARANTEED!

Thank you for your continued support.

Click here to download the catalogue (approx. 20Mb pdf)

Latest Railway DVD Releases

New Releases

With our new catalogue out in a few weeks, we thought you'd like a sneak preview of some great new DVDs and Blu-rays out now and coming soon.

For steam fans, Mainline 2017 Volume One is out now covering January to June with the very best in mainline steam. If you like Steam Driver's Eye Views, how about an epic journey from Inverness to the Kyle of Lochalsh on board LNER K1 62005? The long-awaited Marsden Rail 38 is coming soon.

For diesel fans, Power Hour 7 (and a half) is out now and as expected, it's another superb compilation of locos behaving badly; Traction 2017 Part One is coming soon; a new Sunrise Sunset features a day at Stenson Junction and the second programme in the Class 37 Hauled series is out soon.

Click here for details of these and other new titles.

New Train Crazy Releases for Summer 2017

New Releases for Summer 2017

Big Freight 17

No.17 in the highly-acclaimed and best-selling Big Freight series will be released in late May. Produced in conjunction with Freightmaster, this brand new programme features another superb feast of freight trains, filmed countrywide during 2016/2017.

North and Mid-Wales RHTT: One of the highlights of the autumn rail head treatment season was the Colas Railfreight operated loco-hauled set, working off Coleham depot at Shrewsbury. Hauled by a Network Rail Class 97, the train ran to Machynlleth overnight, swapping to top and tail Class 56s for a daytime run to Holyhead. The train is featured in detail with a visit to Coleham depot showing the 97s and 56s being prepared and serviced, followed by footage of the overnight and daytime trains. Includes the final day with three Class 56s to Holyhead!

Peterborough to Leicester Line - Part Two: At 53 miles in length, this east-west route links the East Coast and Midland Main Lines. With fine station buildings and traditional signalling, the volume of freight has increased in recent years and part two looks at the section from Langham to Leicester. All major locations are featured including Melton Mowbray and a Class 20 LU move coming off the Old Dalby Branch. Numerous different freight flows are included.

Colas Railfreight Class 60s: A mini-feature looking at all ten Colas Class 60s.West Coast Pairs: Intermodal and container trains on the WCML have gone through many changes over the years but as of 2016 and into 2017 a number of key trains are now double-headed. This feature looks at pairs of 66s and 68s working for DRS, 86s and 90s working for Freightliner and 90s working for DB Cargo.

1Q82/1Q83: This Network Rail PLPR train, usually top and tailed by Colas Railfreight Class 37s, has gained a cult following. Running out of Derby on an 11-day circuit every four weeks, the train heads to Scotland via the Cumbrian Coast and then visits some remote out-posts, returning via Blackpool to Derby. Various locos are featured including newly-returned 37099 and that gorgeous spring day when 37025+37116 were in charge.

Plus: Brand new DRS Class 88, 88002 on test and working a loaded train; Colas Railfreight’s 67023+67027 and action from numerous other locations including 3-in-a-row at Woodborough, 3-in-a-row at York and much more.   more details


Merseyrail's Northern Line

Merseyrail's Northern Line is a self-contained, commuter-based, high-frequency electrified railway, operating three core services to four destinations. The line we know today came about with the opening of the link and loop lines in Liverpool in 1977. Electric trains to and from Ormskirk and Southport ran underground to a new city terminus and with electrification extended to Kirkby (1977), Garston (1978) and Hunt's Cross (1983) the system we have today was completed.

Today, all services are worked by the 1978-1980 built Class 507 and 508/1 EMUs, the latter being transferred from the Southern Region in 1981-1984. In total there are 41 route miles, 35 stations, a main depot at Kirkdale, a stabling point at Southport and 59 three-car units provide the service.

This programme includes: A brief history; the Class 502 and 503 stock; early footage of the 507s and 508s; footage from the four lines today; the DMU interchange at all four terminals; a morning start from Kirkdale; ECS moves; the 507s and 508s running today; lost freight lines; the Bootle Branch; the North Mersey Branch; Class 73 IM trains; unusual workings; facts, figures, trivia and maps. Filmed 2016/2017.  more details


Rails Around Carlisle 1990-1993

The fifth title in the Rail Rover series goes back to the years 1990-1993 and features the popular WCML location of Carlisle. At this time, Sectorisation was in full swing but many locos were still in blue and Railfreight liveries, motor rail vans were still attached to passenger trains and many long-gone railway practices, such as mail bags being loaded and locos being attached and detached were still everyday sights.The main WCML passenger trains are in the hands of Class 86s and 87s. The new Class 90s have just entered service. Freight is worked by a mixture of electrics and diesels including Class 85s in their final years, 47s, 56s and pairs of 37s on cement and oil trains. Many different liveries are shown.

Other passenger trains included blue Class 31s and large logo 47s to Leeds, Class 108 DMUs to Cumbria and sleeper coaches and vans stabled in bay platforms and shunted by a Class 08.

Celebrity locos include NSE 86401, brand new European liveried Class 90s, 50007+50050 on a Railtour, astonishing footage of 26026+26005 hauling a failed HST, Class 50s being towed for scrap and cars driving out of Motorail vans on to platform 1!

A fascinating look at a WCML hotspot from 25 years ago.   more details

New Class 37 DVD Series!

Class 37 Hauled

Announcing a brand new DVD series - Class 37 Hauled!

Now into their 50th year and beyond, the English Electric Type 3 Class 37 locomotives are without a doubt one of the most popular diesels of all time.

Still active on the mainline and in preservation, these locos have seen a lot: From the early years in BR Green and Blue, from mixed goods to coal and steel, passenger workings in Anglia, latterly Scotland, the 37/4s, Sectorisation, the 37/5s, 37/7s, 37/9s, Club Trains, the Regional Railways years, North Wales, the Cardiff Valleys, Privatisation, DRS flask trains, Railtours, the EWS years and now Colas IM trains, Europhoenix and passenger trains in Cumbria! What an amazing career!

This brand new DVD series aims to chart the life and times of the Class 37. With three DVDs per year these will build into an ultimate collection. Drawing from a huge archive of footage and with a running time of at least 90 minutes per title, these professionally produced DVDs will include everything from BR Green locos with brake tenders right through to 37/4s on the Cumbrian Coast today! ...more details

New - Scottish Diesels Review of 2016

Scottish Diesels 2016 Review
2016 turned out to be an epic year for diesels in Scotland and this DVD tells the story. From the return of 37025 to the mainline, the introduction of Class 60s on cement trains to Class 73s on sleeper trains and GBRf taking over the Royal Scotsman it really was an amazing year. Presented in a month-by-month format our 2016 review includes:

Highlights: 60076 works the first cement train; freight and sleeper diversions via the GSW; Class 66/73 combinations and pairs of 47s on sleeper trains; Royal Scotsman liveried 66743 and 66746; 73966 on an EMU move; 31327 on the RS stock; delivery of the first Class 385 EMU plus various 92s, 86401 and 87002.

Railtours: Footage from two West Highland tours with 37610+37409 and 37601+37612; action from 'The Golden Stag' tour - 37025s return to the mainline and the GBXV tour with Class 20s and 47739 plus 55009, 57313+57316 and Northern Belle liveried 57310+57312.

Rare Workings: Class 73s to Oban; 47739 on sleeper trains; 66711 on the Edinburgh bins; West Highland WCRC Class 37 Tractorfest; 68011 works a flask train; BR Green 66779 on the RS; 37059 on the EGIP train; Europhoenix 37884 and 20189+20205 with prototype HST 41001 and three Mk3 coaches.

Freight: Double-headed Class 37s on ballast jobs; 66s and 68s on Intermodals; 37025 and Colas liveried 37s on IM trains; Class 56 and 60 hauled Railvac trains and 31233 - the last operational Class 31 on the network.

Other stuff: Footage from all three Bo'ness diesel galas featuring 33109, 41001, 40106, 40135, 56113 and 60056; Class 68 hauled Fife Circle commuter trains; Class 37s with the 'big' flask and footage of the few remaining coal trains in Scotland.
...more details

New Guide Books for 2017

2017 Guide Books

UK Light Rail and Tram Museum Guide 2017 (Fifth Edition)

Now into its fifth year of publication the 2017 UK Light Rail and Tram Museum Guide has been fully revised and rewritten with a new style and layout.

With full details of the fleet and route changes to the systems in Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester included, this must-have publication once again provides a plethora of information on the current tram and light rail scene. From humble museums and static displays right through to the major modern systems of Docklands, Dublin, Edinburgh and the much praised old/new network in Blackpool. Due to positive feedback we've retained and updated information about the Cliff Lifts of Britain.
...more details


London Underground Guide 2017 (Fourth Edition)

It's back! Bigger, thicker and packed with more information than ever before, March sees the release of the fourth edition of the London Underground guide!

Detailing one of the world's most complex and fascinating metro systems, it looks at all eleven Underground lines, together with all the different types of trains which operate on the system including a full fleet list. There is information about engineering trains, heritage operations and once again superb new high quality colour images are used throughout.

The book is in A5 format with line maps and a full fold-out official map of the entire system.
...more details 

Recent DVDs from Train Crazy

New from train Crazy

Big Freight 16
Features a feast of freight trains, filmed countrywide during 2016. Produced in conjunction with Freightmaster, this brand new programme shows the huge variety of freight trains operating today and the astonishing variety of motive power hauling them! From Class 20s to brand new Class 68s and many more in between!

Peterborough to Leicester Line - Part One: At 53 miles in length, this east-west route links the East Coast and Midland Main Lines. With fine station buildings and traditional signalling, the volume of freight has increased in recent years and part one looks at the section from Peterborough to Oakham. All major locations are featured including Uffingham and its manual level crossing gates, Ketton cement works branch with 08622 and the Midland Railway wooden signal, also at Ketton. Numerous freight flows are featured.
...more details 

Diesel Hauled Passenger Trains - The Story of 2016
The revival in loco-hauled passenger trains continued throughout 2016 with Class 68s working in East Anglia, Class 73s on Scottish sleepers and the ever popular Class 37s in Cumbria. To celebrate another year of revival, the Diesel Hauled Passenger Trains series continues with a brand new release - The Story of 2016.

Starting with Class 37s in Cumbria and 30 years after it was first introduced, the 'Large Logo' liveried Class 37 made an amazing comeback with 37401, 37402 and 37403 all painted in this popular livery. The trio were regular performers on the coast during 2016 and all three plus other 37/4s are featured here.

A shortage of DMUs in East Anglia prompted a top and tail Class 68 set working off Norwich. Add this to the existing Class 37 set and the scenic lines to Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth saw numerous loco hauled trains. Both sets are featured here.
...more details

Class 68 Hauled
Introduced from 2014 and operated by DRS, the Class 68 is a new-breed of Bo-Bo diesel locomotive, designed for express passenger trains and heavy freight.

Officially known as UKLight, these powerful 3750hp locos, with their 16-cylinder Caterpillar engines have a top speed of 100mph and are based at Carlisle Kingmoor depot. So far, 25 are in service with more on order; six are leased to Chiltern for their express passenger work; two are painted in Scotrail livery for commuter trains and the remainder carry the smart DRS compass livery and are used for freight and other duties. 19 of them are named.

This special compilation DVD looks at these locos at work in 2014-2016. From container trains in Scotland to double heading on the Daventry - Mossend Tesco Express; Mountsorrel - Crewe ballast trains; and passenger trains out of Marylebone, Edinburgh and in East Anglia.
...more details 

NEW CAB RIDE on the the ROG Class 37/8 'Thrash Bash' Railtour

Riding the ROG Class 37/8 'Thrash Bash' Railtour

One of the Railtour highlights of 2016 was the Rail Operations Group 'Class 37/8 Thrash Bash' tour. This was only the second Railtour operated by ROG and the first using locos and stock and what a pair of locos they were - Class 37s, 37800+37884.

Salvaged from the scrap line and returned to the mainline, both are operated by Europhoenix and painted in their stunning red and grey livery. Neither had worked a passenger train for decades making this Railtour something special.

Starting out from Derby, as the 'Thrash Bash' title may suggest, the idea was to work the locos hard, so they took in many gradients including the Lickey and this was an out-and-back circular route via Birmingham, Hereford and Worcester. The train load was 10 coaches and a Class 47 on the back!With almost 500 people on board, over 1000 more were line side, recording this special occasion.

Filmed with the full permission of ROG, our cameras were on board for the day and the full seven hours of daylight running was recorded. With a few short showers early on, it blossomed into a gorgeous day of lovely sunshine and delightful autumn colours!

With our special 'thrash' cam in the back cab of the second loco, not only is this a noisy cab ride, the route itself is quite amazing; from mainline running in Birmingham; to the single line through the Malverns; tunnels, signal boxes and superb lower quadrant semaphores - this Railtour really did have it all!

Part One - Derby to Hereford:
covers the Derby - Leicester - Birmingham - Nuneaton - Worcester - Hereford section

Part Two - Hereford to Bescot:
covers the Hereford - Gloucester - Worcester - Lickey - Bescot section

New for Winter 2016

Winter Releases

GB Railfreight’s recent GBRf 15 charity train will almost certainly be the railtour of the decade. The 2,220 mile four-day tour featured a staggering 19 locomotives. This DVD covers the first day – and what a day it was. The 365-mile trip started at London Victoria with a pair of Railfreight-liveried Class 20s – 118 and 132 –which set off for Fratton, covering some rare and unusual Class 20 track. With the locos Wired for Sound  the route out of London was via Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, Streatham and Tooting to Wimbledon. At nearby Raynes Park, the 20s headed for Epsom and Dorking before blasting their way across the North Downs to Horsham. There’s a brief glimpse of the stations on the Mid-Sussex route (which is covered in detail in our Jet Set programme) as the train heads for Arundel Junction. There it joins the West Coastway route where the 20s continue through Barnham and Chichester to Fratton. Our camera crew then had a break while 73128+73213 worked the train forward to Swanage.
...more details

North Wales Coast: Crewe to Holyhead - Driver's Eye View
The 21st century incarnation of the traditional Irish Boat Train running from London to Holyhead, nowadays takes the form of a handful of daily services run by Virgin Trains.

We join one such service at Crewe for a trip along the North Wales Coast. Our train is formed of a 5 car class 221 Super Voyager. The 1049 is the fastest service of the day. Our first stop is the City of Chester, after which we run non-stop to the popular seaside resort of Rhyl. Running along the scenic coastline via Colwyn Bay and Llandudno Junction we get some fabulous views, not least of which the Iconic Conwy Castle and the castellated bridge over the river.After Bangor, we see the equally iconic Britannia Bridge crossing the Menai Strait. Ravaged by fire in 1970, the bridge had to be largely rebuilt and now we can see it from the Driver's viewpoint. The first station we pass through on the Isle of Anglesey has that famous name, the longest of all,

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch. It takes Welsh-speaking narrator Arfon Haines Davies to pronounce it.
...more details 


In The Works And In The Depot Volume One: Railway Workshops Explored
The Railway Workshops & Depots and the locomotives and stock they produced explored using archive film and contemporary footage.

Wolverton - Deliveries of stock, the site in the 1980s, an enthusiast event in October 1988, the  works traverser in action plus the site and area today. Also the products of Wolverton including the Royal Train.

Ashford - Film from the 1950s showing steam in the works and the main line alongside. Film from 1972 during a special steam event. A look at the rolling stock produced at Ashford. The site in 2016.

Eastleigh - The 1930s, 1950s and 1960s showing a range of classes in and around the works and station.An Open Day in the 1950s and the Centenary Celebrations of 2009 with a wide range of steam and diesel electric power. The rolling stock produced by Eastleigh from the days of the Southern Railway and British Railways.  The site in 2016 with an exploration of a thriving railway workshop.
...more details

London Underground Pictorial Part 2

London Underground Pictorials

London Underground - Pictorial Series - Book Two
The second book in this series looks at the fascinating world of London's Underground. For many of the four million passengers who use the 'tube' each day, it's a routine journey and much of the history, architecture and operations are missed. Book Two takes the reader on a pictorial trip around the network, not only looking at the trains, but the fascinating landscapes and infrastructure they run through. Whether surface stock, or tube stock, many aspects of the Underground's unseen world are featured here.

Included within the 100 pages are features on the soon-to-be-replaced D stock and the new S stock in service and being delivered. Highlight of the book is coverage of the rarely seen and rarely photographed Rail Adhesion and Track Recording trains as well as Battery locomotives on engineering duties.

There are features on the 1972 Stock (Bakerloo); 1973 Stock (Piccadilly); 1992 Stock (Central and Waterloo & City); 1995 Stock (Northern); 1996 Stock (Jubilee); 2009 Stock (Victoria) and the book ends with a peek into the archives.
...more details


London Underground - Pictorial Series - Book One
Book One is still available
Carrying an average of more than four million passengers per day, the London Underground is famous as one of the most historic, fascinating and iconic Metro systems on planet Earth! This book is a pictorial look at that system, packed with over 100 high quality full colour images from around the network taken both above and below ground.

Written by Jason Cross, author of the London Underground guide books, all of the photographs were taken by the author between 2012 and 2015. The book not only includes all eleven Underground lines, but also every type of passenger stock currently in use on the system and much more.

Highlights include the new S Stock trains and the trains of A Stock and C Stock that they have replaced, along with the soon-to-be replaced D Stock. The battery locomotives which are used to haul engineering trains - usually overnight - are included at a variety of locations, along with the autumn Rail Adhesion Trains, the Track Recording Train and a variety of unusual workings.
...more details

Autumn Releases from Train Crazy

New Releases

We have many great new releases including new titles from Train Crazy.


Sunrise Sunset UK Volume 6 - A Day at Rugeley Trent Valley

Sunrise Sunset UK Volume 6 - A Day at Rugeley Trent Valley
Sunrise Sunset UK spends a full day at a busy and popular location, recording a typical day of passenger and freight trains.

124 miles north of London Euston and 277 miles south of Glasgow on the West Coast Main Line is the station of Rugeley Trent Valley.

Located in the county of Staffordshire, this small three-platform station is only served by local trains but is an ideal location to observe and record passenger and freight trains along what is a very busy high-speed four-track section of the WCML.

With six Pendolinos/Voyagers tearing through every hour in each direction, this is a great location for freight, with more than 60 trains passing within 24 hours on a typical weekday.

The sixth programme in the Sunrise Sunset UK series spends a day at Rugeley Trent Valley. Filmed on a fine day in June 2016, DB Cargo, Freightliner, GBRf and DRS freight trains make up the bulk of the programme. ...more details

Nottingham Trams - Part 1

Nottingham Trams - Part 1
Nottingham Trams - Part 1 includes a look around the Wilkinson Street depot with trams stabled and on maintenance. Various moves and departures are shown. This is followed by a look at the Phoenix Park to Clifton South line. Various run pasts show highlights of the route with trams and trains at David Lane, trams in the city centre, new viaducts, Wilford Bridge and Clifton Centre, followed by an uninterrupted cab ride over the entire route. 

Filmed with the full assistance of NET

...more details

Nottingham Trams - Part 2

Nottingham Trams - Part 2
Nottingham Trams - Part 2 includes some unusual moves on both routes, filmed from the cab, such as The Forest centre track, Clifton Centre turnback siding and various crossovers. Then we take a look at the Toton Lane to Hucknall line, with various run pasts showing highlights along the route including viaducts, bridges and the narrow street running through the city centre. This is followed by an uninterrupted cab ride over the entire route. Bonus footage: 700 seconds in the life of Nottingham City Centre!

Filmed with the full assistance of NET ...more details

More Recent Releases

New for Autumn 2016

Marsden Rail 37: Somerset & Dorset Revisited 1962 to 1967
Between 1959 and 1968, railway enthusiast Michael Marsden filmed the changing face of Britain’s railways and, for many years after mainline steam ended, he captivated audiences with his unique film collection. The blending of his film and that of other cameramen has resulted in a fascinating series of railway programmes.

On the 7th March 1966 the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway’s through route linking Bath and Bournemouth closed after operating for over one hundred years. An undulating and switchback route, the Somerset & Dorset was never a high-speed line and was often referred to as the ‘Slow and Dirty’, but nevertheless it generated a huge affection amongst railway enthusiasts.

In the first half of this programme, film taken by local cameraman Graham Jewiss between 1964 and 1966 features numerous locations on the 37 mile section between Bath and Templecombe. Many of the scenes were recorded at the now-closed Bath Green Park station, with a wide variety of steam locomotives at work. Heading south from Bath Green Park station, film locations include Bath Junction, Midford and Wellow stations, together with several notable engineering features including Devonshire Tunnel and Midford Viaduct. At Templecombe, the depot is shown, together with locomotive movements between the Upper and Lower stations.
...more details

Mainline 2016 Volume 1
January - June 2016
Black Fives 44871-45407 Double Heading 23rd January Manchester-Settle-Carlisle-Shap-Manchester Locations are Rimington Bank, Gisburn Viaduct, Settle Jnc, Helwith Bridge-Horton (2 locations), Horton, Selside, Blea Moor (2 locations), Penrith Station, Shap Village, Lancaster Station.

46100 Royal Scot 6th February Crewe-Holyhead-Crewe Locations are Rhyl Station, Rhyl, Rhyl River Bridge, Abergele Station (2 locations), Conway Castle (2 locations) Conway Station, Ty Croes Station, Holyhead, Valley Station, Rhosneigr, Ty Croes Station, pacing along the A55 at Colwyn Bay, Colwyn Bay Station, Abergele Station. 9th April Carnforth-Shap-Carlisle-Sellafield-Carnforth Locations are Docker (two locations), Greenholme, Scout Green (2 locations), Salterwath (2 locations), Shap wells (panoramic), Harrington (2 locations), Eskmeals Viaduct, Eskmeals (2 locations), Kents Bank Station, Kents Bank. 16th April Crewe-Carnforth-Whitehaven-Carlisle-Shap-Crewe Locations are Warrington Bank Quay, Forton (2 locations), Arnside Viaduct (panoramic), Lindal Bank (5 locations), Lady Hall Crossing, Bootle Station, Nethertown, Parton, Harrington, Barrow Mill (2 locations), Plumpton (2 locations), Lancaster Bridge, Lancaster Station, Forton.

44871-45699 Galatea Double Heading 14th February Preston-Manchester Piccadilly-Chinley-Edale-Copy Pit-Manchester Locations are Crows Nest Jnc, Oxford Rd Manchester, New Mills, New Mills Jnc (4 locations), Buxworth (panoramic), Cowburn tunnel, Edale (2 locations), Hall Royd Jnc, Lydgate Viaduct.
...more details

Traction 2016 Part One
Programme number 42 in the Traction series. And what a cracker this edition is going to be! Here’s a small taster of what is going to be on it…Large logo 37025 Network Rail test trains and infrastructure workings; Riviera Trains’ Class 47s on diverted Caledonian sleepers via the ECML, Durham Coast and GN/GE Joint Line; Northern Belle liveried 57312 hauling a rail train to Toton; Network Rail Class 73/9s undergoing main line testing; Heavy Haul Class 66s en-route to Poland; 55009 working over the new Borders Railway to Tweedbank; 20142 arriving bonnet first at Kings Cross; GWR’s 57605 off the beaten track at Melton Mowbray; Network Rail’s 56-year old 31233 continues to work test trains; 70808 hauling the Colnbrook tanks, 73968 en-route to Oban with the diverted Caledonian sleepers from Euston; 59205 fronting the Orient Express, 50007+50050 hauling a rake of coal hoppers from Crewe to Donnington; HST power car convoys to the Bristol St Philips Marsh open day; the last batch of new Class 66s being unloaded at Newport Docks, GBRf take over the operation of the luxury Royal Scotsman; Colas take over the haulage of Scottish cement traffic from Oxwellmains; the Immingham-Scunthorpe iron ore and coal traffic switches from DB Cargo to Heavy Haul; D1015 Western Champion arriving at London Waterloo; the unveiling of 66779 Evening Star at the National Railway Museum; 66185 arriving at Chinnor; 37714 making its preservation debut at the GCR….plus there is coverage of the excellent Swanage and Severn Valley Railway diesel galas – including the storming first run of D213 Andania in 32 years as the Class 40 blasts out of Swanage!
...more details

Manchester to Cleethorpes Via The Hope Valley Line - Driver's Eye View
The Hope Valley line seen from a class 185 DMU from Manchester Piccadilly on one of the hourly Transpenninexpress services to Cleethorpes, running via Stockport and the scenic Hope Valley route over the Pennines to Sheffield. From Sheffield the landscape changes from one of hills and heavy industry to the rural flatlands of North Lincolnshire.

One of the highlights of this journey of contrasts, is the much photographed array of semaphore signals at Wrawby Junction, viewed from the Driver's cab just weeks before abolition. Threading our way through the back streets of Grimsby Town on a single line, we finish our journey at the popular seaside town of Cleethorpes.
...more details

Train Crazy Reissues on DVD

Train Crazy Reissues

Originally released on VHS tape in the year 2000, these two programmes are now re-released on DVD. With footage recorded around the turn of the century, now 16 years later, they offer a detailed look-back at diesel and electric locos from that period.

East Coast/West Coast DIVERSIONS
Around 1999-2000 the East Coast and West Coast Main lines had become somewhat predictable - dedicated pools of locos, smart liveries and streamlined stock. However, at this time, due to engineering work, these trains left the overhead wires and ventured along routes which rarely saw loco-hauled trains. With an RES Class 47 on the front, these 'drags' became a focal point of interest at this time. This reissued DVD goes back to that period in 1999 and 2000... more details

Class 73, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 92: ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES
This specially reissued DVD looks at the seven classes of Electric Locomotive that were in service around 1999 and 2000 with:• A visit to Birkenhead North Depot to see the Class 73/0s & 73/9s• Class 73/1s on Mail trains• Class 73/2s on the Gatwick Express• Class  86/2s, 86/4s & 86/6s working for Virgin, Anglia, EWS & Freightliner• Virgin Trains class 87s & 90s• The unique Class 89• Class 90/0s & 90/1s on Sleepers, Mail Trains and Freightliners• GNER Class 91s• Class 92s working from 25Kv and third rail• Each class is introduced with loco details and numbers followed by action shots• All new footage, filmed 1999 and 2000• Musical sections, stereo sound, digital editing, part narration and on-screen captions... more details



Fantastic Trams in Blackpool

Every once in a while a very different book about Blackpool's trams is published and Fantastic Trams in Blackpool by Fumio Goto is just that.

The author is from Japan and he visited Blackpool in 1978, 1979, then 2013, 2014 and 2015. This book is a photographic journey of each visit.

Clearly a lot has happened between 1979 and 2013 - an awful lot - and we go from OMO cars in the snow in January 1978 right up to stunning images of the current Heritage service and Flexity2 trams.

The book is not in chronological order as it starts with visits from 2013 so perhaps initially you're thinking this is a modern image book. From page 89 we go back to 1978 with a few black and white images and the some truly stunning material from the 1978-1979 period. In a sea of green and cream, the Balloon cars are well represented with many images containing more than one tram.

Throughout the book the use of a zoom lens has been done to maximum effect with stunning images from the Tower top and Big Wheel. Almost every image is a winner and it must be commented on the high quality of production.

The text within the book is written mostly in Japanese but for each photo caption the location and date is printed in English. To be fair, this is not a problem as stunning images of trams like 227 or 700 sell themselves and anybody interested enough in Blackpool's trams should know that 227 is a Boat car and 700 a Balloon. There is a full fleet list in English at the back. 

Coming in at 168 pages this book will appeal to the masses. If you're following the current scene, this book covers it well. If you're interested in the old fleet, then you'll be impressed by the 1970s images. All in all this is an excellent book.

With more than 200 images, mostly in colour this book is recommended to all Blackpool Tram enthusiasts. Add it to your collection! ...more details

Cinerail News

We are pleased to announce that Videoscene has purchased the longstanding collection of CineRail and Marsden Rail archive steam and diesel DVDs. Although we have been selling these titles for many years this is a great opportunity to breathe new life into them with a relaunch and new lower prices.

With more than 90 titles, covering the final years of BR steam and the early years of diesels, the popular and best-selling Marsden Rail DVDs need no introduction and are recognised as some of the finest archive railway programmes ever made. Add the CineRail DVDs and their vast selection of Scottish titles and you have superb coverage of railways from the halcyon days of the 1950s and 1960s.

More good news is the vast collection of unused quality archive steam and diesel footage we have acquired which means new DVDs - including future titles in the Marsden Rail series - will continue to be released.


Marsden Rail 36: North From Crewe

Marsden Rail 36: North From Crewe
The programme features the West Coast Main Line north of Crewe in the 1960s - a period that saw major changes on Britain’s railways as diesel and electric traction displaced the steam locomotive.

With its locomotive works, depots and yards, Crewe was a major rail centre and, therefore, a magnet for enthusiasts attracted by the huge variety of operations to be seen in the area. Within Crewe Works there was always a wide range of locomotives undergoing repair and many of these are featured, along with scenes at Crewe North and South Sheds.

Leaving Crewe, scenes at Warrington’s Arpley Junction and at Wigan are followed by film taken at Preston.

Next is Lancaster Castle Station where, in addition to the regular WCML traffic, ex-LNWR electric multiple units operated services to Morecambe and Heysham. Six miles north of Lancaster is Carnforth, where numerous mainline workings and an organised shed visit are captured on film. ...more details

Marsden Rail 35: On Yorkshire Lines

Marsden Rail 35: On Yorkshire Lines
The programme features Yorkshire in the 1960s, beginning with views of the East Coast Main Line in and around York, with scenes at the city’s busy motive power depot and station.

From York, we move to Church Fenton, the junction for routes to Leeds and Sheffield, with a focus on the now vanished Church Fenton North signal box and the traffic under its control.

Next is Leeds City Station, featuring a wide variety of steam and early diesel locomotive types, plus views of Farnley Junction MPD, and at nearby Leeds Central Station, ‘Deltics’ on ECML services can be seen rubbing shoulders with elderly ‘J50s’ on station pilot duties.

Closed in 1904, Rothwell Town Station witnessed a rare influx of passengers in September 1958, with the arrival of a railtour headed by a pair of ex-GNR Class J6s. ...more details

Archive Series Volume 14: Scottish Steam - The A4s Final Years

Archive Series Volume 14: Scottish Steam - The A4s Final Years
In September 1935 the first of the Class A4 Pacifics emerged from the London North Eastern Railway's Doncaster Locomotive Works and they quickly gained favour with both the travelling public and rail enthusiast alike.

However, just as they had replaced older designs on the East Coast Main Line, by the early 1960s diesel traction had displaced the A4s from their regular express passenger workings.

Fortunately, in 1962, a decision by the Scottish Region of British Railways to employ the A4s on the tightly-timed 3-hour expresses between Aberdeen, Perth and Glasgow gave many of the class a new lease of life.

One A4 enthusiast, Eddie Stanbridge, decided to make a film record of the A4s' final years and over a three-year period travelled regularly to Scotland from his home in Norwich to film them. ...more details

More Releases from Train Crazy

New Diesel Releases from Train Crazy

We have many great new releases including three new diesel titles from Train Crazy.


Riding the Colas Oil Train

Riding the Colas Oil Train - Preston to Lindsey
Cab ride: Preston Docks to Lindsey Oil Refinery.

This is a cab ride from Preston to Lindsey via Blackburn, Copy Pit, Wakefield, Hemsworth, Hatfield & Stainforth and Barnetby, filmed on a fine sunny day in July 2015.

Starting from the docks at Preston, this is the 6E32 bitumen oil tank empties, and passing over Strand Road level crossing, we climb the 1 in 29 incline and onto the WCML.

The train itself is made up of 13 TEA bogie tanks and this thrice-weekly train is one of the freight highlights of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Running west/east during the day, the train passes many scenic and interesting railway locations as well as taking a few freight-only lines and curves. ...more details

Sunrise Sunset Volume 5

Sunrise Sunset - Volume 5 - A Day at Hinksey Yard, Oxford
Sunrise Sunset UK spends a full day at a busy and popular location, recording a typical day of passenger and freight trains.

For the fifth programme in the series we head to Oxfordshire and spend the day at Hinksey Yard. Situated adjacent to the Banbury, Oxford and Didcot mainline, the great thing about this location is the footbridge running right through the middle of the yard and over the mainline - making it possible to see all trains, all moves, all the shunting and every arrival and departure.

Filmed on a fine sunny day in July 2014, in the yard 08879 is busy shunting wagons and preparing trains. DBS Class 66s arrive and run around their lengthy car trains from the nearby Cowley plant; 66515 arrives with a crane and 70802 pauses for a while with the Westbury - Bescot engineers train. ...more details

Riding the DCR Scrap Train - Cardiff to Derby

Riding the DCR Scrap Train - Cardiff to Derby
Cab ride: Cardiff Tidal Sidings to Derby Chaddesden Sidings.

This is a cab ride from Cardiff to Derby via Newport, Gloucester, Lickey and Tamworth filmed on a fine early spring day in March 2015.

Starting from the sidings opposite Cardiff Central station we run light engine to Tidal Sidings and couple to the wagons. The train itself is a rake of 17 JNA bogie boxes that had arrived here with loaded scrap from Stockton a few days earlier and this was the return journey as far as Derby. This was one of many scrap trains operated by DC Rail during 2015 using Class 56 locomotives.

From Cardiff, running along the South Wales mainline, the train passes Newport, Severn Tunnel Junction, along the banks of the River Severn to Lydney, then Gloucester, Cheltenham, up the Lickey Incline and onto Kings Norton, Water Orton, Tamworth and Derby. 56312 provides the power.. ...more details

Tram Releases from Train Crazy

New Tram Releases from Train Crazy

We have many great new releases including three new tram titles from Train Crazy.


Flexity2 Fleetwood

Flexity2 Fleetwood
We are pleased to announce a brand new one-off DVD…. Flexity2 Fleetwood - a cab ride from Starr Gate to Fleetwood!

It was back in 2006 when this journey was last filmed, from the top deck of 706 'Princess Alice' along the old tramway. Nine years later and following many requests this is the updated version, along the new tramway with footage from the cab of a Flexity2 tram in normal passenger service.

Filmed with the full permission and the full assistance from Blackpool Transport the journey was filmed on board 003 on a gorgeous sunny afternoon in June. The entire is journey is shown - uncut - from the loop at Starr Gate to the terminus platform at Fleetwood Ferry. ...more details

Soller Railway

Soller Railway
Opened in 1912 with steam traction and electrified in 1929, the Palma - Soller railway is a curious 3ft gauge survivor of a bygone age. Built primarily to carry goods with limited passenger accommodation, by the late-1950s, the development of Mallorca as a major tourist destination and the emergence of the package holiday, saw happy holidaymakers take the place of goods and 103 years later, the entire 17-mile railway survives. Today, operating 11 months of the year, the railway is booming, with full-to-capacity service trains, specials and extra trains for coach parties, it's a phenomenal success story and one million passengers are carried each year.

All four original four motor coaches built in 1929 are still in service. These powerful 'locomotives' operate alongside 19 coaches, some dating to 1912, and on a typical day, three trains of six coaches are in service. ...more details

Croydon Tramlink

Croydon Tramlink
Fifteen years have passed since trams returned to London in the shape of the Croydon Tramlink and like many other modern UK systems, it has been a great success, with a credible 32.3 million passengers carried in 2014/2015.

The system today operates four primary routes. From Wimbledon in the south, trams serve a town centre loop around Croydon and then split towards Beckenham Junction with a short branch to Elmers End, and a major route through to New Addington.

This programme features a driver's eye view around the system, filmed from the cab of tram 2543. Starting with a look around the main depot at Therapia Lane, we board our tram and set off on a journey over the entire system. ...more details

Docklands Light Railway Part 2 - Order Now

Docklands Light Railway: Riding High in London - Part 2

Docklands Light Railway: Riding High in London - Part 2

Opened in 1987 the DLR has become one of the most successful and well-used modern light rail systems in the world, carrying a staggering 101 million passengers in 2013/2014!

Extended on numerous occasions, today the railway serves five principal terminals over 23 route miles and operates 149 trains, built between 1991 and 2010.

Filmed with the full permission and assistance of DLR, this programme looks at the line from Bank to Lewisham - one of the busiest routes on the system - with a train every five minutes off-peak. As well as footage from various stations, there is a full length 'cab ride'.

There are also 'cab rides' from Stratford to Canary Wharf and Tower Gateway to Canning Town plus an extended feature on Canary Wharf, one of the main stations on the system. ...more details



Railtape on DVD

Available on DVD for the first time - exclusive from Videoscene!

What is Railtape?
Railtape was launched in 1994 as the successor to the popular and best-selling Railscene series. Released either monthly or bi-monthly, it was a video magazine featuring all aspects of railway news. From steam and diesel footage, galas, preservation, railtours, to new locos, new liveries and much more, this series provided an in-depth look at the railway scene at that time. Many of the tapes also featured a short cab ride!

VHS tapes: The original series was professionally filmed and released on cassette with running times between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on how much news there was to cover in that specific month. A total of 72 issues were produced, right up to 2004. With the demise of VHS the series was deleted over a decade ago.

Now on DVD: Videoscene has recently acquired the master tapes for the entire series and will be releasing them in batches ...more details

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